Laser Focus

Wednesday, 13 december 2017.
I am making plans for 2018 and beyond. Listing all my goals and getting prepared for action. There are a lot of new goals I will reach and that I am excited for. It is going to be my best year yet. In other news, I have also updated my software page. The page has a collection of free instruments for the NI Kontakt sampler, themes and presets which I have created over the years.


Plugin updates

Wednesday, 6 december 2017.
Updated ReaChorder. It has a slightly better design. The new version can be downloaded here: ReaChorder.zip

Plugin updates

Wednesday, 25 october 2017.
Over the weekend, I have updated the ReaChorder plugin for Reaper. It is now possible to create and save drum patterns. These drumpatterns are stored into a json file, which is useful for portability purposes. I have also created many drumpatterns for it: Afro Cuban, Afrobeat, Boogie, Blues, Bossa, Metal — and many more. ReaChorder may be downloaded here: ReaChorder.zip	

HTML only

Sunday, 15 october 2017.
I decided to go HTML only. It works best for me on this website. The benefits of server-side language has to be carefully weighed. 


Thursday, 12 october 2017.
Currently working on my website. Finishing the design, code and filling the site with material and archiving software, scripts and various items. I keep this homepage mainly as a personal archive of things I have created. In the past I did not really bother with keeping track of the things I developed, and consequently lost a lot of things that never made it into some sort of backup.